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We are an organisation that provide bespoke services tailored to its clients' needs. We have in-house medical, media, clinical and IT teams. Our unique internal dynamics allow us to provide insights into the current landscapes and challenges within health services across the United Kingdom. Utilising these critical insights, our teams work together seamlessly to take forward solutions to these national challenges. Our on-site teams deliver these concepts through pathway redesign, evaluation, bespoke online education tools and resources. Combined with our digital media and IT teams, these solutions provide an end-to-end responsive service that delivers any of our offerings at the highest standards of quality and innovation, with dissemination across the United Kingdom. As an organisation, CardioMetaBology has comprehensive outreach, engagement, and partnership relations with respective healthcare organisations across the country.

Our priority is to support the improvement of long-term conditions and sharing this at the national level to help reduce the disparity of care across patient populations. We instil confidence, passion, and innovation in healthcare professionals through education delivery and various other modalities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to a fast transition towards utilising digital space to deliver educational training across the UK health services and the pharmaceutical industry.

Solutions to tackle these key challenges has become a critical priority for CardioMetaBology since March 2020. We have invested substantially into new digital technologies and platforms to showcase our unique approach and increase accessibility to healthcare professionals and patients.

These digital reference sources are already proving to be invaluable from a practical perspective. They are already supporting healthcare professionals in their daily clinical practice to deliver outstanding care to patients during COVID-19 and beyond.


Meet some of our speakers

Derek Connolly

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Birmingham

Rajesh Chelliah

Consultant Cardiologist, Leicester

Raj Than

GPwSI Diabetes, Leicester

James Burton

Professor, Consultant Nephrologist, Leicester

Ruby Chumber

Lead Renal Pharmacist & Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Wolverhampton

What our attendees have to say

"Great sessions, really glad it's on demand. I can catch up with it when it suits me!"
"I love the way your sessions look, beats the boring zoom meetings with speakers asking someone else to move their slides and all sorts of other mishaps. Keeps me engaged. Well done!"
"Love the way you do these sessions! Great speakers too!"
Practice Nurse
"Why isn't everyone doing it this way? I watched your last event on my TV, looked amazing! These meetings are the way forward."
PCN Clinical Director